3 responses to “The Big News on Crohn’s: Cynthia McFadden’s story”

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  2. Elizabeth Catanzarite

    Dear Ms McFadden,
    My name is Elizabeth Catanzarite and my Crohn’s
    Is out of controll. And every meds they try i end up
    with all of the side affects. I have don’t been
    able to work my job after I was out 180 days I
    Lost my insurance. I can’t get out of bed and have
    no quality life. I am hoping you would have
    some advice for me I can’t take the pain anymore
    and I really sick of crying. My daughter is getting
    Married and would love to be there. Thank you Elizabeth
    My email is ecatanzarite2@4409 and phone#973-768-4694.

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