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  1. Mia

    Hello my name is Mia, I live in a little town named Tranquillity CA. I live with my mom and my 4 sons, my father passed away 3 years ago so we moved back home to be with my mom. My mom is a very strong woman and has always worked her whole entire life helping others, she is such an interesting person, I really think she should write a book. My mom was diognosed with lupus when she was 18 years old a senior in high school, when she had her graduation she had to wear a wig because she was bald. She’s had lupus for 40+years now. My mom has always been sick my whole life and I think she needs a rest especially now that the specialists can’t figure out what’s going on with her illness anymore, the prednisone she’s took all these years isn’t working anymore. I am asking if anyone could help me, she’s the heart and soul of my family and she means the world to myself and my boys, everyday seems to be getting worse and I’m scared, just like if I’m a little girl again…..

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